Sunday, June 16, 2013

Criminal Case Free Energy Cheats

Wonder how some people are able to get an almost an impossible free energy for Criminal Case Facebook game? It doubts you does it? Actually, you also can! You can get free energy for Criminal Case as many as you may want or need. But might think as well how?

Easy! When I first played Criminal Case, I almost got frustrated when there are instances where I should be able to get extra energy to solve the mysteries. But then I found out a secret whom of course I am will to share with you. A secret on how to get free unlimited energy for Criminal Case.

I could see a lot of fake so called "Criminal Case Free Energy Generator" but honestly, they are all fake. You can never cheat Criminal Case Free Energy using generators and other programs. These are crap and all goes to waste.

What you need to be able to get some free energy for Facebook's Criminal Case game is to know some secrets within the game itself. Yes you can have that and I would love to share it to other Criminal Case fans out there. So Can I ask a little favor from you? All you need to do is this :

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"BEWARE of the other programs or generators as what it is commonly called "generators" as it contains trojans and other viruses that will surely do harm to your computer or worse to collect, monitor, and steal your passwords and usernames!"

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Steps To Get Criminal Case Game Free Energy

There are many websites offering free energy cheat for criminal case game but sadly, they are all just buffs. They let you sign in to there pages and steal your Facebook login information and also try to spam your Facebook wall with illicit messages to which is really bad.

However, there are too few sites offering genuine tips and cheats to get free energy for criminal case but these sites are hard to come by. If you're a true fan of the game, cheating can never be an option but sometimes you just need some help to get through the level. Almost everyone playing the criminal case game is likely to cheat some free energy to make the game easier to play? Sometimes I would ask myself, "How can then I enjoy the game if I cheat?". And then I tried playing criminal case and indeed I enjoyed the game as the level progressed by somehow, I really need some help like a free energy.

And so I searched for a great tips and cheats and only to come with a collection of helpful tips from the other players of Facebook's Criminal Case. The collection of Criminal Case Game tips proved helpful as I was able to gather many free energy bonuses as I play the game. Perhaps, I really would like to share it to you and I just got there from a friend and these are the instructions so you can get the Criminal Case Free Energy Tips Collection.


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Criminal Case Facebook Game Review and Free Energy Tips

Unlike any "Hidden Objects Game", Criminal Case is a game where adults will surely be hooked up as it is a unique detective-themed game develop by Pretty Simple Games. Not really suitable for kids, it has however an appeal for gamers wanting to "solve" things.

Playing as a police officer together with your partner Jones, you will be solving murder cases from which as the game progresses, the harder it gets. It may be violent and have some explicit scenes, it truly does bring you to another level of crime busting and solving game.

Each criminal case has its own tasks or missions in which your role is to unravel the mysteries by finding clues to the murder. It's quite graphic and the tasks are quite hard requiring you to spend time, analysis, and obtain resources that you basically need. To be able to get into the game, then you must have adequate energy, food, and other things. The challenge however is on how to find these resources.

Don't worry, we have Free Energy for Criminal Case game for you to use exclusively from our partner site. It's free and you can easily get your free spins, energy, juice, coins, and many more! Just go to the link provided here.

The Ebook That You Are About To Download Contains TIPS and Secrets Where To Find Criminal Case Game Extra Energy Bonuses. It also contains hints of the Criminal Case Energy Cheats Compilation.